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There’s a lovely piece in Pieria about a data visualisation exhibition at the British Library, positing John Graunt’s analysis of London deaths as an early spreadsheet. And yes, there were some errors in it.

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The next time you notice something being done in Excel where you work, take a moment to question whether it’s the right tool for the job, or whether you or someone in your organisation is a tool for allowing its use. No, not my words, but from the FT’s consistently excellent Alphaville blog. The point […] Read more

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A white paper from Lepus Consulting on The Management of Spreadsheet Use in Financial Services. Despite the title, it considers only investment banks. It’s mainly anecdotal evidence from a survey (no numbers), with a short guide to best practice.


Another web-based spreadsheet. I don’t know how it compares to Google’s.


I’ve recently been involved in two surveys looking at what software actuaries use, and how they use it. The first was organised by the GIRO working party on software use in general insurance, which I chaired. We got over 700 responses to our online survey, which was great. As we describe in the report, Excel […] Read more

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