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Simon Wren-Lewis, in his mainly macro blog, points out that there is a big disconnect between Conservative party words and action on climate change. Their words are vaguely green, and imply that they take climate change seriously. Their actions are not in the slightest bit green. In an earlier article, George Monbiot noted a part of the innocently […] Read more


I’ve found these interesting, in one way or another: Is the eurozone a casino? The current betting strategy is madness. Do what I say, not what I do. xkcd’s really on a roll at the moment — one for mathematicians. One for your Christmas list. It would be so cool! You should choose your Christmas cards carefully […] Read more

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Some things I’ve found interesting: Have you seen those Google ads on the tube? The example they give of a strong password isn’t so strong after all. It’s always worth checking the statistics. The important field – as usual with xkcd, make sure you read the alt-text Language is not writing, and some myths that […] Read more

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If we are to deal with climate change, the price of carbon-intensive energy is going to have to rise, says Tim Harford. It makes sense. We have to reduce our energy use, and pricing is a good mechanism to help that along. Along the same lines, fuel duty is a Good Thing.

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