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  Actuaries and programmers think in the same way, sometimes.

You’d think that a really big software company, like Adobe, would know what it’s doing But no. You may have noticed that there was a big data breach: millions of usernames and (encrypted) passwords were stolen. But they were encrypted, so no big deal, right? Ah. Well. That’s the point. As this article explains, it […] Read more

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There’s been a hiatus in my blog recently. It was due to life getting very very busy and a bit out of control, but I think it’s back to normal now. It was all out of control in a very good way, incidentally! So something approaching normal service will now resume. We apologise for any […] Read more


Following the micromort, a 1-in-a-million chance of sudden death, we now have the microlife, which is 30 minutes off your life expectancy. Both micromorts and microlives are good units for comparing risks: Here are some things that would, on average, cost a 30-year-old man 1 microlife: Smoking 2 cigarettes Drinking 7 units of alcohol (eg 2 pints […] Read more

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Some things I’ve found interesting: Have you seen those Google ads on the tube? The example they give of a strong password isn’t so strong after all. It’s always worth checking the statistics. The important field – as usual with xkcd, make sure you read the alt-text Language is not writing, and some myths that […] Read more

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