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Over the last few months there have been several interesting pieces about innovation, the size of companies, and other rather loosely connected topics. Back in December, the Schumpeter column in the Economist reviewed an article arguing that large firms are often more innovative than small ones. This seems counter-intuitive – surely small companies are nimble […] Read more

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Numbers are often perceived as a sign of respectability. Press releases often include them — it seems so much more believable to say 75.4% of people do such-and-such than to say many or even most people. Quote a specific percentage and people tend to believe it. The trouble is, the numbers we see in the press […] Read more

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It’s well known that people are very keen to find causality in the world, and reluctant to accept that a lot of what goes on is just random. Those of us who’ve been educated properly know that correlation is not causation, but it’s sometimes difficult to put that into practice. There are some common examples. […] Read more


Ok, it’s a bit trite, but human behaviour is really important, and a good understanding of human behaviour is a goal for people in many different fields. Marketing, education and social policy all seek to influence our behaviour in different ways and for different purposes — that’s surely what the whole Nudge thing is all […] Read more

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