Types of user

A spreadsheet may have the following types of user: A Viewer looks at the results, but makes no changes. A Viewer may never see the actual spreadsheet, but only printouts of selected parts, but they are still using the spreadsheet. A Player changes input cell values, but doesn’t change formulae and layouts. They may execute […]

What documentation does

Spreadsheet documentation may do any of the following: Specify the intended working of the spreadsheet Record what was done Explain how the spreadsheet works Instruct the user how to use or update the spreadsheet Ideally, a spreadsheet would have documentation serving all four purposes. A specification may be anything from a single sentence to a […]

Who benefits from documentation

Just about everybody benefits from clear, accurate documentation. The benefits of out of date documentation written without a specific purpose in mind are less obvious, and indeed are often non-existent. To get the most out of documentation, the following should be true: It should be written specifically as specification, record, explanation or instruction. That way […]

Forms of documentation

Documentation may take many different forms: A separate document is often used for long, formal specifications that are themselves subject to review and sign-off. Records of changes and versions may also be kept in a separate document or database. The potential disadvantage of a separate document is that it may be difficult to maintain consistency […]