There’s a yotta data out there…

One result of the unrelenting increase in computing power is that the amount of data is now huge. Earlier this year, it was estimated that 295 exabytes of data was being stored around the world in 2007. An exabyte is a billion gigabytes. That’s a lot of data, though admittedly it’s not a yottabyte yet (a million exabytes). […]

Data – it’s where the sporting action is

Game Theory, the Economist sports blog (a fairly loose description) has had a series of articles recently on how technology is affecting sport. Telemetry (including GPS tracking) is being used in Formula 1, sailing, rugby and football, and looks likely to spread to others. Technology has been a huge influence in tennis, but it looks as […]

Fiddling the figures: Benford reveals all

Well, some of it, anyway. There’s been quite a lot of coverage in on the web recently about Benford’s law and the Greek debt crisis. As I’m sure you remember, Benford’s law says that in lists of numbers from many real life sources of data, the leading digit isn’t uniformly distributed. In fact, around 30% […]