Hello again!

This is the first issue of an occasional newsletter. It’ll be a bit like the one I used to send out until a few years ago (which is archived on my website), but will be a bit unlike it too, as my interests have, naturally enough, changed over the years.

After four immensely interesting and fun years at the Board for Actuarial Standards, where we developed a brand new set of principles-based technical actuarial standards from scratch, I’m now freelancing again. I’m specialising in risk, modelling and governance, basically helping people to understand and manage – in the broadest sense – the models they use and the risks associated with them. My website gives more details, as you’d expect. If you’d like to know more, do get in touch.

I’m also blogging again. Sometimes my definition of what’s relevant is loose in the extreme, but I hope you’ll find some of it interesting. Recent topics include the new modelling,  Benford’s law and modelling and what Google’s all about (and by the way, it’s not search or advertising). If you’ve got any comments on these or other posts I’d love to see them — just add them to the blogs. Future issues will highlight what I consider some of my more interesting blog posts, or ones that have given rise to interesting discussions. Do let me know if there are topics that you think should be covered.



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