My expertise lies in bridging the gap between the technical and strategic levels, analysing strengths and weaknesses in the way people interact with the technology they use, and in ensuring that systems, controls and standards support and enable efficient and productive processes. I am experienced at communicating technical matters in a non-technical way, and at helping others to do so.

I have extensive experience of managing financial and other models and the risks associated with them, and of helping people understand what the models can and can’t do.

There have been two main strands to my career. I have worked in software development, in which I have extensive experience at all levels, from C and Java programming through distributed systems to systems analysis, from spreadsheet models to managing international teams on complex large-scale projects. I am also an actuary, specialising in the development and control of complex financial models, and was recently responsible for the creation of the UK technical standards for actuarial work that are now mandatory throughout the insurance and pensions industries.

The common theme is risk and uncertainty. I’ve been involved in the management of risk at all levels: operationally, in project management; conceptually, reasoning about and modelling risks in workflow management and financial services; and strategically, considering the pros and cons of policy initiatives.

My career has covered software, financial modelling, academia and financial regulation in a variety of roles. I’m an experienced software developer and development manager, with a strong theoretical background (including some time as a university lecturer in Computer Science) backing up my practical experience. I’ve worked in the insurance industry as an actuary and software risk consultant, specialising in risk management, modelling and systems and controls. More recently I was Director, Actuarial Standards at the Financial Reporting Council, where I led the development of technical Actuarial Standards and was a member of the Board for Actuarial Standards.

I have an MA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, a PhD in Computer Science from Northwestern University and am a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). I’m a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a past Associate Fellow of Newnham College, Cambridge. I’m the author of many academic papers, and have taught courses on risk management, programming, software engineering and expert systems in academia and for business.  Currently, I’m a Director of Callund Consulting Ltd, and Chair of the IFoA’s Resource and Environment Board.